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Engineering Production

Advances in blow mold technology have created opportunities for innovative new production strategies and the ability to create larger, more intricate molds while at the same time enhancing quality and reducing production times.  KLG specializes in creating the “whole” product, taking as many as 8 separate molds that will together form a final product. With the ability to handle large pieces, KLG manufactures some of the most complex custom blow molds in use today. A garden shed for example is something that KLG is able to manufacture from roof, to walls to flooring, creating a final product that literally fits together like a glove.

The design and manufacture of the most efficient extrusion blow molds is as much an art as it is a science. The entire process begins with sound engineering and knowing how irregular shaped parts and parting line will react in blow molding. KLG can work from rough concepts, 2-D drawings, or completed CAD files to develop complete 3-D finished part design, including appropriate blow ratios, minimize thin wall corners, proper undercuts and efficient part ejection. We guarantee a truly superior molded piece, manufactured on time, for less than our competition. Our turnaround times are as much as 4-5 weeks faster than our competitors and your satisfaction is our number one concern.

From original concept to detailed mold engineering to precision machining to final product, your project will be carefully monitored every step of the way for a precision, finely-crafted, on time product that meets your exacting customer specifications.