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Based in Southern Ontario, KLG has grown to serve the world. Manufacturing for customers in North America and Europe, we are a local success, serving global clients. Founded in 2000, KLG has a team who together offer more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of blow molds. Recognizing the potential for the application of blow mold technology to a wide range of mid to large industrial, automotive and recreational custom blow molds, Don LeBlanc, together with his team, invested in this highly specialized industry allowing KLG to become an industry leader in custom blow molding.

Don LeBlanc

A background in design, the ability to read and understand blueprints and a specialist in sales, Don can help customers at every stage of the production process. There is both an “art and a science” to blow mold manufacturing and because of his background and expertise, Don assists with a blow molds success by ensuring its accurate design right from the initial blueprint stages. Working together with a client Don identifies opportunities for improvement in design before production ever begins.

Our Team

Behind the scenes, our team of craftsmen are leading professionals in their fields.  It’s their role to actually work the parts, creating the molds from the blueprints; designing, programming, CNC operation, production and assembly to ensure success.  With 12 long-term employees, KLG succeeds because “blow mold is all we do.” Like the individual craftsmanship that goes into crafting luxury sports cars, the team at KLG each care about and contribute to the final product. “There are no button-pushers here,” and everyone has a stake in maintaining exceptional quality control, a fanatical attention to detail and superior equipment and production standards. Every member of the company is responsible for producing an excellent final product for the customer and in contributing to the overall success of KLG because in their own words “Quality is not a moveable target.”