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From Blueprint to Blow Mold!

“We take the complicated and make it simple.” KLG Molds offers a boutique, highly specialized experience that exceeds customer expectations, every time, on time.  An industry leader in blow mold manufacturing KLG has created molds for everything from kayaks to garden sheds, mannequins to pool and garden accessories, even new, state of the art, portable restrooms. We are also a key supplier to the automotive industry, manufacturing windshield washer reservoirs, running boards and air ducts.

With over 40 years experience, and long-term employees who are treated as an integral part of the organization, KLG is able to provide a unique “one stop” advantage to customers from across Europe and North America. Production speed and accuracy is guaranteed because the team at KLG, led by Don LeBlanc, have a design and machining background that ensures forethought, planning and attention to detail every step of the way from blue print to finished blow mold.  Committed to exceptional Quality, a globally competitive pricing policy and On-Time Delivery, KLG will guide you successfully through the product development and manufacturing process every time. KLG has you covered, from blueprint to blow mold!

Did you know?

KLG  has a 25,000 sq ft. mold production facility.

KLG is capable of cutting a mold cavity 80″ wide x 130″ long.

KLG’s founder has 40 year experience creating blow mold designs.

Why use KLG Molds?

  • 40+ Years Experience
  • Concept and product design consulting
  • State of the Art processes
  • Competitive
  • Strict quality control
  • On-time Delivery
  • Very low return rate


Product Mold Application

We are experienced in custom large blow molds for products like:
picnic tables, kayaks, patio furniture, garden sheds, air ducts, steps, septic tanks, rain barrels, gates, doors.

We are in the business of revolutionizing blow molding!


Industry Innovations

New innovations in large scale blow molding means, there are more opportunities to provide cost effective parts manufacturing in Automotive,  Recreational and Industrial industries.

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